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iheart variation 002

iheart variation 002 is a series of screenprinted and hand painted canvases set onto rare wood blocks, created in early 2009 in Northern California.

I discovered the Gocco screen printer from Japan around this time.  In Berkeley and up in the Napa Valley, I created screens for varying symbols within the iheart project, printing them onto canvas.


An old friend donated various woods from his shop, African Mahogany to American Walnut, for use as the backing.

They were crafted to a size resembling children’s building blocks, then bored for a one screw backing to enable easy modular hanging and exchange in a grouping.

This series of work was shown once in Brooklyn at the 4th Street Cafe in April of 2009; my eye was caught from an email about a show called “Word” curated by James Banta.


To Ethan and Jodi for hosting the art (and wall) making, Andy for the fine woods.