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iheart variation 003

iheart variation 003 is a series of six print based on the original set of nine hand-painted works.  In this print edition with ArtWeLove, the ability to editions with machines of production increased the possibilities for variation above and beyond the original paintings.

The Prints

The edition is available in 8″X8″ and 24″X24″ sizes.  They are embossed in lower right corner with my seal.  The prints are made with fade-resistant, archival-quality ink and are printed on 100% cotton rag, acid-free and ph neutral watercolor paper with a weight of 255 gsm.


Roger Smith Show

To continue with concept of variation in this print series, a show was held at the Roger Smith Hotel, where I invited friends to create their own variations using the symbolic images on paper.  An improvised audiovisual variation performance also occurred, documented as a film.

To view the iheart variation 003 show page, click here >>

Studio Visit Video

This video is an interview and slideshow by ArtWeLove, showing how my past work led to the iheart project and this print series.


To everyone at ArtWeLove for their dedication to this project.