iheart variation 003 @ Roger Smith

iheart variation 003 explored the bounds of its concept at the Roger Smith Hotel in NYC, during a show running from October 2010 to January 2011.

A velcro wall installation was created within the foyer, where multiples of the framed prints were mounted and possible to move.  A film was created from a one-night event featuring many variations and a live, improvised score created by guitarist and composer Gyan Riley.

One cannot ask for a better review than this one from photographer Rose Hartman:

“You know I have seen everything but this is fucking insane.  This is the film that’s being created?  Unbelievable.”

Artists were invited to create variations using the ArtWeLove prints as a baseline, the resulting tangents were installed at the show.  They can be viewed by toggling the full-screen button on the top right and viewing the slideshow.

One contributor, Ceren Bingol, created a video variation seen here:

Contributing artists include:

Cassady Benson and Peninnah Ragasa
Ceren Bingol
Molly Dilworth
Ditte Gantriis
Zsofi Fenyvesi
Changha Hwang
L Brandon Krall
Chris and Dominic Leong
Mike Ming
Douglas Rushkoff and Shaun Friesen


To ArtWelove, The Roger Smith Hotel, Laurence Lafforgue, James Knowles, Matt Semler, Danika Druttman, Mariya Hoskins, Adam Snyder, Jonathan Vanasco, Christina, Gyan, Nicole and all the artists who created variation works