The Center Cannot Hold

The Center Cannot Hold is a live cinema performance challenging the zones of discourse on globalization, media saturation, and corporatization.

The project used William Butler Yeats’ poem, The Second Coming, as a backbone, the remaining elements composed and scored in a figurative, semi-structured flow featuring techniques of improv, montage, cut-up, collage and parataxis.

The performance was created and performed by Seth Carnes, Gary Breslin and Daniel Perlin, using an array of digital equipment that allowed for the real-time editing and remixing of scenes, sounds and samples.

A wide array of media works were donated to the project by artists listed below.  Please feel free to scrub anywhere in the video, it’s a linear+nonlinear affair.


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TCCH was performed three times:

October 23, 2004 | 9th Annual La Paz y La Guerra [Peace and War] Festival | Madrid
A few days later | The Tank | New York City
July 19, 2005 | Pirineos Sur World Music and Arts Festival | Pyrenees Mountains | Spain

Key components of the project include:

The Second Coming
poem by William Butler Yeats
performed by Meghan Trainor

The Pledge to Resist
by Saul Williams

by Sharif Ezzat

“What Barry Says”
by Simon Robson

Propagate : Experimental Trailer
by [sic] and Shepard Fairey

Satellite Control and Csoda Pøk
by PanOptic

911: State of Emergence
by [sic], Billy Blaze and DJ Spooky

Letter to the President
by the Barnstormers

by Sharif Ezzat

Many thanks to all who helped make this ambitious project possible:
Gary Breslin, Daniel Perlin, Yolanda from La Fabrica de Ideas, Saul Williams, Paul Miller, Sharif Ezzat, David Ellis, Kiku Yamaguchi, Meghan Trainor, Simon Robson, Gauri Khindaria, Happy Corp, D-Fuse, Tamas Banovich, NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), The Tank