In early 2002, Shepard Fairey and I agreed to work on a film together.

I began a script for an experimental work titled Propagate, exploring the expansion of human consciousness into our technology and beyond the body, moving within the spectacle of mediated experience.

Shepard hooked up the Obey Giant works to date, and I asked Norwegian musician Polar to compose and Peter Richardson to help animate.  The Saturation Engine was used to create part of the work.

The end result is this test piece, shown only a few times in San Francisco and NYC.    Unfortunately, the broader project concept did not see the light of day.


Script and Direction : Seth Indigo Carnes
Artwork: Shepard Fairey
Animation: Peter Richardson
Music: Polar

Thanks to 47, Amanda Fairey, Paul Miller, Miranda at Culture Cache Gallery, Punch Studios, and Chris Kahunahana for their support on this project.