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poet for hire

During the month of June 2012, I worked at the s’nice cafe in Soho, NYC, to create a set of portrait poetics with the evolving Poetics app.

By appointment or random encounters, the portraits began on the first day of the installation, produced throughout the first weeks of the show.

Each poetic was created within the iPhone, using the Poetics app, channeling imagery and words spoken and found in the interaction between myself and the subject.

I then instantly printed the poetic 4X6 format using the customized iPhone photo printer, hanging it on the installed steel wire with clothespins.


Poetics  app website   |  about the app

Chanorth Residency  | slides and notes on developing this work

Thanks to Mike and Deb Walter, the proprietors of s’nice, for hosting this work at the cafe, and for the good energy they bring to the neighborhoods of their three cafes.  The Cooke Center kids + everyone who came through to create portraits together.