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iheart public 002

Completed on July 4, 2008 in NYC’s Meatpacking District, this was the second iheart public mural.  In its original form, the mural was hand-painted and measured 24’X8′.

The story of iheart public 002 reflects the gentrification, lockdown and capitalization of space in NYC’s Meatpacking District.

The building’s owner originally agreed the mural would stay up for the month of July. The day after the its completion, notice came of a change of plans; the wall space was to be leased to an ad company, with the fate of the mural to be discussed.

Stalling negotiation as long as possible, Working Shift, the planned time-lapse film of a meat processing work shift with the mural as backdrop, occurred across several rushed and sleepless days.


In negotiations, the ad company offered to repaint the mural themselves, to the immediate right of the original mural, using vinyl stencils and spraypaint. This made almost no logical sense but was accepted, on the condition I could film its removal and remake, seen below:


This lower grade cloning of the original iheart public 002 became a perfect ending in this place where original culture is replaced by its commercial shadow.

A few months later, the Atlas meatpacking company, myself, and all tenants of the building  were evicted amid rumors of real estate development.

Then the economy crashed; the building sat vacant for years.


To the Romanoffs for the wallspace, still a leap of faith gesture, Mike&Chris for their windowspace shooting the films, David Sebastian Buus for assistance, Cynthia Fetty for her support, Jennifer Lee Kim for her patience, Vanessa for access help, Gabe Mariano for the remake, Brenda Buck for her support and Carñata fun, Tania Ogullukian for the support and photos, Kelly from Hogs & Heifers for the H20, Enok Holsegård for photos, the Leo Kesting Gallery for their support and beers, and last but not least, the random Cooper Union signpainter veteran for the brush tips!