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iheart public 001

Completed on May 14, 2008 in New York City’s West Village, this was the first iheart public mural. It was hand-painted and measured 7’X7′.

Located on a small cobble-stoned street tucked between Richard Meier’s buildings, iheart public 001 was scaled and framed to serve as a photographic backdrop, against which a varied set of snapshots could be taken by those passing through.

It doubled as a switch for the energy of the alley, one that’s no stranger to illicit activity.

At one point, the mural was tagged up, and while repainting it, the Smile You’re Under Surveillance sign was placed on the top left of the wall.  The sign did its job and then some, remaining there for years.

Eventually the mural was painted over, entirely in black, presumably by its owners.  This prompted a first response, iheart black too, and when that was painted over in black, one more, iheart black 2.

Everyone likes a good sequel.

This is a letter received in that mix from a local resident:

Dear (sic),

My name is Dannielle and I live on Charles Lane, where you so lovingly painted that ugly old wall I walk past every time I go anywhere.  I liked the “I heart black too” evolution very much, but that went away very quickly.  I wonder why?  Maybe it was for artistic reasons I could never understand.  Maybe it didn’t turn out quite the way you’d hoped.  Who can say?  Now we’re left with a black void.  Which is fine, but I wish you would come back and paint another of your beguiling ideas.  Just one lady’s request, but I had to make it.

Thank you for your fine work,


To David Sebastian Buus for the assistance, Kristian Holm for his wonderful and timely photo, and Dannielle for the letter.