iheart poetics 001

iheart poetics 001 is an interactive installation commissioned for Lund 2014 in Lund, Sweden.  It was exhibited in October 2007 and measured 8’X8′.

I met Lund 2014‘s curator, Caroline Lund, during the production of Aether at MOMA PS1. She inquired about potential work for the exhibition, which coincided with my initial R&D on the idea of mutable texts.

The resulting work was a large wall of steel featuring mutable text.  In this format, my original text was written, its language split apart and fabricated as large-scale magnets, then re-assembled on the steel wall.


  • iheart poetics 001
  • iheart_poetics001_03_1500width
  • iheart poetics 001 : a child changes the text
  • iheart_poetics001_04_1500width


The text was manipulated in the hands of visitors, documented by time lapse film each morning to capture its temporal morphing.

Additional vocabulary, consisting of poetic text cut out during the poem’s conception, was available within the installation setting.

Each morning of the show, the poem was reset to its original state and the process began anew.

The original iheart poetics 001 text:

silence that speaks
the gentle winds of chaos
breaking the trance of literacy
spiral code whispers
unwritten electric verse
a crack spreading through
concrete rhythms
here lie pictographic ruins
fragmented metaforests
the fall and rise of structure
this augmented reality
is now.
sight isolation
sound incorporation
a transparent spectacle
revealing the primal fabric
a love affair with representation
experience before all


To Caroline Lund and the city of Lund, for their full support in creating this work and the graceful hosting of myself and the other artists during our stay there.


The R&D from these mutable text works led to the creation of Poetics, a visual poetry app that is now available for the iPhone.

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