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iheart intervention 004

Installed in September 2010 at the Witzenhausen Gallery NYC, iheart intervention 004  extended from the recent creation of Contours with Christina Kruse.

For the film, we created cracked and layered mirror surfaces for one set and scene; for the intervention, those surfaces were transformed and placed within a newly constructed 5’X8′ wardrobe-like black frame.

In this work, time and nature sped crossover and connections one cannot create by design, art and life becoming one, lines blurred, then cohered into an intensely integrated work.

The show was comprised of all female artists beyond myself; this is a text pulled from one of the description of Miriam Kruishoop, whose work I picked to reflect within the mirror:

character-studies of women in which power over another and manipulative behavior are recurring themes…the complex female nature: the internal conflicts with which they are confronted: their frustrations and desires: the misunderstanding this brings about in others and eventually the incapacity to communicate. 

This intervention occurred in the show titled open end with works by Bahar Behbahani, Maria Zervou, Miriam Kruishoop, Pépé Smit, and Sanghee Song