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iheart intervention 002

Installed in May of 2010 at the Witzenhausen Gallery in Chelsea, iheart intervention 002 consisted of three magnetic paint canvases, three paint strokes, and three magnetic texts.

Originally conceived as a chalk on chalk/magnet paint piece, I brought a demo work by the gallery while the two slated artists were installing.  I showed them the demo in passing.


After speaking with the gallerist, they asked to speak with me.  In a courteous but intense exchange, they shared concerns that my planned work felt too much like a “painting”, also too close to an “object”, that these aspects, along with the color black on my painting/object might cause confusion related to their works.  They suggested I return to the the wall-based strokes of the last intervention, which they’d seen somehow.

By the time I returned to my studio, I decided on a hybrid work heading straight into a reflection on the exchange.

The text:

this is a painting
not an object

this is an object
not a painting

this is the black
iheart red too 

This intervention occurred in the dual exhibition of Michael Scott & Roland Schimmel.