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Chanorth Residency

During the month of May 2012, I took part in the Chanorth Residency program living and working up in the Hudson Valley, nestled into the small town of Pine Plains.  The program features a connection to a local farm owned by the same family as the Residency, McEnroe Organic Farm.  The six artists work a  farm shift once a week in exchange for produce used throughout the month for meals.

After a period unwinding from the city, work began to prepare for a June show called poet for hire, testing the Poetics app within a Soho cafe, where I planned to create poetic portraits.  This entailed the creation of a box for instant printing via the iPhone , along with developing the app itself over the internet, with the developer in NYC.  As new app builds arrived, testing and fixes ensued, also testing ways to exhibit the instant prints (clothespins on wire…when in Rome…)

On a more experimental level, I started capturing and instantly developing images onto objects, both extracted from the environment and images placed directly on objects within the environment.  A fellow artist at the residency, Mark Dorf, shared interests in the image meeting landscape.  We went on a few long hikes, one of which had us lost for several hours deep in the forest.

If you look close, Mark’s head shows up twice in the cubist 360 pano shot on the fire tower atop Stissing Mountain, where one can see a spectacular view of several states across a vast distance.  Click that full screen toggle up to the right to see this and other images from the month.

 View the poet for hire show >>

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